VIROFLEX formulation is a one-component polyurethane-polysiloxane additive which has the characteristic of being a disinfectant and has a mechanical and non-chemical effect on micro-organisms.

The component is made up of microscopic-sized spikes which
act on viruses, bacteria , or fungi by making them explode when coming in contact with the spikes.

Can be used in our : FLEXPLUS ™️ , MEDIFLEX ™️ and PROFLEX ™️ coatings.

Against COVID-19, its immediate affect has been demonstrated in a university laboratory.
Test 1: 09/10/2021 by the Giga Institute, Molecular Biometric and Protein Engineering Laboratory.
Test 2:19/08/2021 by the University of Liege (ULG), Department of Morphology and Pathology

Its action is permanent , it is resistant and durable. Its effectiveness does not deteriorate over time.
Stays active for a life time whilst being deep incorporated into the color layer.


The virus or bacteria particles comes in contact with the coating.
The coating is reacting and starting to destroy the particles.


A total of 1 hour has passed since the virus/bacteria particles have made contact with the coating.
You can be assured that by this time 99.8% of the particles have been killed/destroyed.


Having surpassed the 30 minute mark the virus particles have now been destroyed for 60%.



– Foam 35 kg/m³ up to 65 kg/m³
– 1 layers primer
– 1 layer PU
– 1 layer UV stable soft touch + Viroflex additive

– Kills 99.6% of all funghi/bacteria/viruses
– Easy to clean
– Non-toxic
– No re-application needed
– Life time active


Production lead time
6-8 weeks

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