Viroflex ®

VIROFLEX formulation is a one-component polyurethane-polysiloxane additive which has the characteristic of being a disinfectant and has a mechanical and non-chemical effect on micro-organisms.

The component is made up of microscopic-sized spikes which
act on viruses, bacteria , or fungi by making them explode when coming in contact with the spikes.

Can be used in our : FLEXPLUS ™️ , MEDIFLEX ™️ and PROFLEX ™️ coatings.

Against COVID-19, its immediate affect has been demonstrated in a university laboratory.
Test 1: 09/10/2021 by the Giga Institute, Molecular Biometric and Protein Engineering Laboratory.
Test 2:19/08/2021 by the University of Liege (ULG), Department of Morphology and Pathology

Its action is permanent , it is resistant and durable. Its effectiveness does not deteriorate over time. Stays active for a life time whilst being deep incorporated into the color layer.

Phase 1

The virus or bacteria
particles comes in contact
with the coating
. The coating
is already reacting and
starting to destroy the

Phase 2

Having surpassed the 30
minute mark
the virus
particles have now been
destroyed for 60%.

Phase 3

A total of 1 hour has passed
since the virus/bacteria
particles have made contact
with the coating. You can
be assured that by this time
99.8% of the particles have
been killed/destroyed.